Mentoring Program
Awesome Ladies of Distinction
While Awesome Ladies of Distinction Mentoring Program
operates as a year round membership-based program
for elementary through high school age girls, our
programs are available to the entire community: boys,
girls, parents, and friends.  It was developed as an
outreach component to better preserve the total family
unit.  We understand that if a family is going to preserve
peace and harmony, it will involve community efforts
within their immediate neighborhood.

In an effort to provide community based prevention and
intervention, we provide safe, nourishing, and healthy
enrichment to boys and girls.  Immediately upon the
completion of the school year, our summer program
beings.  It is comprised of academics, technology, and
enrichment that builds upon the next school year.  Our
focus is on remediation and positive reinforcement of
what young people retain in addition to introducing new
materials via computer based training and Internet

The strength of our after school tutoring program is when
parents/ guardians are faced with early dismissals, we
receive students.  During holiday breaks, we are open for
Holiday Camp.  We are shaped in a fashion to extend
consideration and special courtesy to single parents and
working parents to supply a peace of mind.
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