Words From Our Founder
Headquarters of Awesome Ladies of Distinction
2) Instilling the ideas of honesty, fairness, courage, respect, loyalty
to                   themselves, their families, and others

4) Advocating empowerment of self through our workshops and activities       

5) Exposing our kids to a healthy lifestyle though positive prevention
and intervention

Expectations of Members

1) Respect yourself and others

2) Commit to communicating with Peers and Mentors

3) Willingness to lift up the organization and support.

4) Ability to work cooperatively with Peers and Mentors

5) Willingness to achieve and excel academically

6) Commitment to remain drug and alcohol free

7) Commitment to abstain from pre-marital sex

8) Commit to all activities within the organization

9) Commit to remain active in school and community
prevention                         programs

10) Commitment to refrain from having any involvement with
the                            criminal justice system