Headquarters of Awesome Ladies of Distinction
To provide safe and positive prevention and intervention through arts,
academic support, entrepreneurial training, and enrichment programs.  
In order to produce a career minded society, each person must be implanted with
behaviors that lead to living a life of safety, good health, and prosperity. We must
increase community services that provide development to the wholeness of
individuals while taking into consideration their differences and identifying what
makes then unique.  Our program is one that strives diligently towards capturing
this phenomenon through providing resources, information, support services and
We believe that when a child is personally empowered with knowledge, skills, and
abilities achievement becomes clearer to them in the onset.  With the right
mentee/mentor relationship, the influence in young people’s loves hold priceless
To expand the existence and capacity of each individual by providing
one-on-one relationship building, emotional support, safety, and trust using
the cognitive behavioral approach.

To build strength and confidence through academics, technology and
enrichment activities to reduce idleness that may lead to delinquency and self

To empower youth and young adults to be the best they can be.