Headquarters of Awesome Ladies of Distinction
concept of this organization was blessed. It was developed through
a very personal, yet prominent act, happening within many
churches. Inexperience and morals left me empty and feeling
victimized dealing with "sexual harassment". I allowed this issue to
take full control of my life for many years.  

In 1998, I decided that something had to change about my life;
either I could continue to drown myself in revenge or allow God to
take full control of my life and show me his way. As I began seeking
God for my purpose, He began the awesome task of reshaping the
way that I viewed life emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. My
whole world became anew.

It is with this change that purpose came into focus. It seemed
everything I learned, witnessed, and experienced was offered for
the sole reason of changing the mentality of individuals. So often
our humbleness is mistaken and perceived as sub-servant. Are we
simply dormant to the normal cause of events? Only God, seeking
him fervently for understanding and wisdom could renew the spirit
in me to help others.

With the support of my mother, my father, and actual act of
allowing God to heal me, the negative approach soon banished and
a positive reproach was born. One that can help young girls achieve
a higher plateau of self-worth.

God has certainly dealt with me in areas that were once void and
with the constant inspiration and support from my parents I was at a
new dawning. Concluding a meeting with my sister Elisa, an
organization with a holistic approach was developed.

We needed to analyze several avenues of concerns that would be
beneficial to all age groups of young ladies. Our vision was to
promote spirituality, academics, social, and physical development
for young ladies. Our mother, Doris B. Blanche, joined us to expand
our efforts and because of her wisdom, knowledge, and maturity in
the word she was consulted to lead the spiritual aspect of the

On July 15, 2000 we held our first meeting at my home. In
attendance were ten young ladies and five parents. By the end of
July and our second meeting, seventeen young ladies and eight
parents decided this was the group for them. Awesome Ladies of
Distinction was unanimously voted as the name of our organization.

Continuing to strive for and develop a solid foundation, ALOD held
their 1st Annual Christmas Banquet on December 20, 2000 at the
Harvey Playground Gymnasium. At this time, several parents
became interested in the organization.

In January 2001, ALOD held their first meeting of the year with 19
young ladies and six adults joining the organization. Toward the
latter part of March, ALOD was blessed to have a total of 36 young
ladies and 14 mentors and counselors.

In January 2002, Awesome Ladies of Distinction embarked on a
new adventure after being invited to participate as the opening act
of a school Talent Show and we preformed "Live At Café New

As the organization began to take shape and gain momentum, we
had to make a decision administratively, and in November we
became recognized as a 501C(3) non-profit organization.

After years of growing our Mentorship Program, Awesome Ladies
of Distinction expanded to form Awesome Kids of Distinction in
2003. Awesome Kids of Distinction provides several programs for
the youth in our community. Summer Enrichment Camps,
After-School Tutoring Programs, Computer Training Classes and
many more workshops and courses are offered through the
Awesome Kids of Distinction Program.

Awesome Ladies of Awesome Kids of Distinction remains excited
and optimistic for what the future hold for our organization. Please
contact us if you have any question about our history or any of the
programs that we provide.