Ross & Doris Blanche Educational & Resource Lab:
The purpose of our program is to teach youth the proper skills in  word,
powerpoint, excel and other programs necessary to complete projects and
homework.  Although, youth are very savvy in the computer world many lack
skills necessary for advanced projects.

This program is geared toward helping students in a small fun and educational
setting.  Some are in need of the basic skills of computer technology including
computer vocabulary, identifying proper names of the computer along with
learning the correct techniques of keyboarding.  While others are in need of
advanced graphics, designs, etc.  At the end of the session students will be
able to work independently or as a team to develop, design and create a
special project.  

"How To" sessions will take place such as:
How to define your researches, Being safe on the Internet, and Using  E-Mail

The computer lab is also set up for parents to
keep them up to date on the
newest technology.  Classes are provided to educate parents on the
technological world our kids are growing up in.
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